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4D Planning Service

Redesign should take place on computer, not on the construction site. Sir John Egan 1998

Image of Construction Site in 3D Site With Gannt ChargeMetisplan prides itself on applying the latest industry standards and best practices to project planning by making sure it’s planners have the right tools and technology to allow our clients to be fully informed and in control of their builds.

4D planning is a key part of Metisplan’s approach in providing the right data and information in a visualised manner and at the right time to make the best decisions on the most complex projects even before construction has started.

Metisplan believes that 4D brings our customers time and costs efficiency as well as peace of mind and confidence through a 3D visualisation of progress against planned work.  4D simplifies progress data and highlights any construction issues before they occur; allowing all stakeholders, from feet on the ground all the way to board level to see what has or needs to happen and when.

Metisplan combines existing industry standard planning software with Autodesk’s Navisworks for its 4D planning which in turns seamlessly integrate with various 3D modelling CAD software, such as Revit and AutoCAD.

If you would like to find out more about the future of 4D in AEC projects and how it can be integrated into your project visit our BIM/4D page or contact Metisplan.