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Why Use Metisplan

Why-Use-Metisplan-300x199Our core business is planning and project controls.

We have a passion for a properly planned project and take great pride in both the levels of planning best practice we adopt and the quality of service we bring to our clients. Our people have the expertise you need at every stage of a project’s life cycle.

By providing a specialist and independent service, we offer our planning skills much earlier in the project lifecycle than mainstream consultants that offer ‘one-stop-shop’ solutions. At the same time our overheads can be as little as 20% of those charged by larger consultants, an advantage of scale.

If you are a developer or project client organisation we can free you from the pressure to bring on board a full Project and Construction Management team very early in the project thus minimising your financial commitment at the same stage whilst maximising your project foresight.

For a Project/Construction Management team we can act as the functional lead or for a contractor in the supply-chain we can offer an enhancement to your existing planning capabilities and, if required, a forensic planning service in the event of disputes & claims.

By providing you with the right service at the right time we can maximise your chances of a successfully planned and delivered project cost-effectively.


Our Services

Whatever stage of the project lifecycle you are in, Metisplan can provide you with the project foresight that you need and can offer a full project planning service from inception to post-completion analysis. Read more

Our Approach

Our consultants will approach each appointment by quantifying the client’s expectations and scope of work, timescales, the relevant project phasing, and how the key objectives of time, cost and quality are balanced. Read more