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Aldgate Tower, London, UK

Aldgate Tower Developments Ltd are the developer for a £78million, 17-Storey Commercial Tower in Aldgate (Opposite Aldgate East Tube Station), construction of which commenced 21/01/13 and is planned for completion on the 21/11/14.

Metisplan were employed by the Sub-contractor Mercury Engineering to provide a full design development, procurement and construction programming for the M&E installation works valued at £20million.

The solution for the full M&E installation was to employ modularisation as much as possible. Approximately 2,000 modules were delivered by hoist and tower crane to provide the 17 storeys and associated risers. Some risers were installed traditionally, as well as most of the plant room areas and roof. Ground Floor access was shared with the live delivery route for the RBS building next door. Continuous coordination with other trades and suppliers was required to ensure a successful outcome to the project.